With shows covering the entire country, we meet lots of interesting people. We're always hearing from fans, young and old, and here are some of the things they had to say to us. If you'd like to send us your comments, go to the bottom of this page.

Gil, My 9 year old and her friend were very impressed by your show at the Nebraska State Fair 2003! Your show is a unique meshing of charisma, humor, and education. JOB WELL DONE!!! You were energetic and amazing with your interactions with the children. Your website is now a part of our favorites, and we plan to see you again when you are in the midwest. Thanks for the smiles!
Krista Harvey
Omaha, NE
Me and my family saw your show at Duquion State Fair last night. It was great! You guys really know how to make people laugh. Bert is great with the alligators. Mike is great with Bert. I really hope you all get to come back next year. When I grow up, I would like to have a job like yours.
Andrew James
Pinckneyville, IL
We were at Duqouin State fair 8/30/03, and my husband saw the sign for the alligator, and wanted to take a look. We didn't know there was a show to go with that. So we stayed and watched. My family had a great time. My daughter is 15, and she wanted to be on the stage with the big one, but settled for the little one. Anyway, she was still excited about it this morning, telling her brother how the gator snipped Bert's hand. Didn't really happen but she thought it did. Hope to get a schedule for my school kids.
Lynetta Johnson
Ullin, IL
We saw your show at the DuQuoin State Fair yesterday, and thought it was one of the best shows we have seen at the fair in the many years we have been attending.
Daphna Shook
Centraia, IL
Just wanted to tell you that my wife and boy and I saw your show at the Allen County Fair on August 23 in Lima, Ohio. Our little boy, who is 5 years old, really enjoyed the show...we did too. He even said that it was pretty cool to let the kids pet the the baby one. Mike and Bert are really nice, and keep the people entertained. They get along very well. We have never met such nice folks as you both. Keep up the good work, and thanks again. Hope the fair board will have you back again...thanks!
Casey Allison
Cridersville, OH
Seen you at the Allen County Fair, and was very impressed w/ your show. Our 4 daughters loved their picture with the 2 year old gator. Our girls went up for the picture, and mom, dad and boyfriend stayed back in the safe distance. Hope to see you next year at the Allen County Fair. Please be careful and God Bless you as you handle them. Stay safe.
Joe and Amy Lambert
Lima, OH
My family recently caught the show at the Quickcheck Hot Air Balloon Festival in Jersey. The show was exciting and informative.The banter & jokes between the "easy on the eyes" announcer and Kachunga was a riot. My son was picked to pet the Gator and provide some laughs for the crowd. I'd like to thank Kachunga & Tanya for some lifetime family memories and great fun.
Mark W.
Paramus, NJ
My daughter and I saw your show this past weekend at the Ashtabula County Fair 2003. The serious and the humurousness went well together. My daughter, Samantha, had her picture taken with the baby alligator, and she is really proud of it. She wants to take it to day care for show-and-tell. She is 4 years old. Thank you!!!
Mirian McKinney
Ashtabula, OH
I went to Six Flags Saturday, and saw your show. It was Great!!! I laughed and laughed. I loved how you could get your picture taken with one! And did. I have it hanging up. It was a great time. My dad was waiting on me to get my picture taken, and was by the rope with his back to the locked gator. The rope moved, and he thought it was the gator!!! He jumped 3 feet in the air!!! Anyway, we loved the show!!!
Sena C.
New London, MO
Seen your show at Six Flags yesterday, 6/01/03. I would like to tell you myself that my two boys and the wife loved it very much, not only educational, funny too. Definitely the best show of all at the Six Flags Park we have seen in a few years. My youngest wanted so desperately to go and pet the big alligator. A great day at the park, a very nice show. They should bring this show every year!! Definitely a great show. My wife really enjoyed Gil, very easy on the eyes and pleasant to talk to!! Definitely tops on our list!! Thanks for such a good job educating everyone young and old!!!
Steve Hall
St. Louis, MO
My family and I recently attended your show in Fort Dodge at Frontier Days. Out of luck my 5 year old daughter was chosen to come on stage during the show and touch the large alligator. You even got her to sit on it, which is something I would have never thought she would do. She can't stop talking about it. She is going around telling everyone even strangers, and carrying her pictures everywhere she goes. I think it's great how you guys educate people about alligators and at the same time put on a great show. Around here kids only see alligators on TV, so I'm sure everyone was amazed. Thanks for visiting our town, and giving my daughter the chance to be up close and touch an 8 foot alligator. I'm sure she will be talking about it for quite a while. Thanks again, and I hope you return next year.
Shawna Brayton
Fort Dodge, IA
Hi! My family and I just went to Six Flags over Mid America yesterday. We saw your show, and thought it was just great! I loved the comical aspect of the show as well. Keep on doing a great job at providing quality family entertainment!
Ann Estes
Just wanted to drop a line and tell you how I enjoyed your show. The Kachunga show was at our city's "Frontier's Days," and your show was the biggest draw by far. I especially enjoyed watching Tania, she is a beautiful woman. If Kachunga comes again next year, please send her along for the dad's in the crowd.
Andy Fritz
Fort Dodge, IA
Salem, VA
I saw your show at Six Flags St. Louis, and you were the BEST show in the park. Know that you and your alligators are really missed. Please come back soon! Gil, Tania, Bert, Mike, Keith, Mikey and Lindsy, I hope you all have fun traveling around. You are some of the most amazing people that I have ever met. Continue to keep blessing everyone as you go. Thank you!!!
Katie Hotze
St. Louis, MO
Hi. Its me Alex I went to the fair and saw your show. It was great. My favorite was Bert...he was really funny. Holding Porky was just as fun. Please email me sometime. Thanks for coming to the fair.
Alex Lewis
London, KY
My family (including four children) recently watched the Kachunga show at the Salem Fair in Salem, VA this week. What a great show! We are huge alligator fans, watching the Animal Planet channel all the time! The children were THRILLED to see this LIVE and in person! It was also HILARIOUS! The funnies in the show by Tonya kept us all in STITCHES! We saw Tonya in the parking lot walking her dogs and she even cautioned us of a fender-bender down at the street, and to be careful! What a great lady! Gil and Tonya are truly GREAT AMERICAN CITIZENS! What big fans we now are! Thanks!
Karen Croy McConkey
Salem, VA
Hi, I was the first young guy to help you at the Laurel Co. Fair Monday night. I want you to know my Mamaw thinks I'm crazy, so she came Wednesday to see for herself...now she thinks you're crazy. Hey, the show is great and I'm telling the Ruritan Club to bring you back again.
Austin Begley
East Bernstadt, KY
Hi. We saw your show at the 50th annual Cecil County Fair at Fair Hill, Maryland today July 26, 2003. We thought you were absolutely great!! Thanks for a fun time. Hope you come to next years fair. Bye for now.
Robert Wilson
Elkton, MD
My wife Johanne and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for an extremely wonderful, educational and entertaining show. We were delighted when we found out that you would be back at Six Flags St. Louis this year, and we hope that you will be able to be with us again next season (2004).

PS-If you would send me your snail mail address, I would be most happy to share with you the letter I send to the park at the end of each season letting them know what we enjoyed the most (Your show was on top of the list last year) and their reply.
St. Louis, MO
My family saw your show last week in London, KY, and would just like to let you know how much we enjoyed it. I don't know who liked it most - the adults or the kids! It was certainly great entertainment, as well as educational. I wish you guys much continued success!
Paul Douglas
London, KY
I had the opportunity to see the Kachunga show at Chemung County Fair. being from Billings, Montana, I never knew much about alligators, so it was very neat to learn about them and see what they are really like. Thank you for having such educational shows for both adults and kids alike.
Jennifer Bowling
Elmira, NY
I saw your show this past weekend at Riofest in my hometown. I thought it was super cool. I even had my picture taken with a baby gator. I've been interested in reptiles all my life. I also read and watch everything I can about reptiles. Thank you for the great show. Can't wait to see it again someday.
Justus Jacobs
Harlingen, TX
We have had the pleasure of having Kachunga at our county fair for 8 days. Every show is just as good as the last. Bert and Mike are very professional, and made the show not only educational, but entertaining as well. Hope to see you next year.
Jo Marie and Austin
Stuart, FL
I saw the show at the Florida State Fair, and loved every minute of it! Iím from Florida, and have seen many of the alligator shows, but this was by far the best! My hat comes off to the performers. Their professionalism and knowledge about alligators was outstanding! I must add that the energy and humor they put into the show had the crowd on the edge of their seats! If you ever get a chance to see this show don't pass it up, you will never forget it, and the kids will have a blast! Thanks for all your hard work.
Mike Binkley
I just wanted you to know that my family and I saw your show this week at Six Flags over Mid America in St. Louis this week and we loved it! We laughed, we gasped and we learned about alligators. The primary hosts of the show (Gil and Bert) were wonderful. (And both quite handsome, if I may add). I just wanted to say thank you for bringing your show to STL.
K. Beaver
I LOVE YOUR ACT!!! Please update your schedule on the website, and/or email me, with upcoming Southern California performance dates. Will Kachunga be appearing at the Indio Date Festival (Riverside County) or at the Del Mar Fair (Orange County)? Yours is one of the best animal acts I have ever seen, and is certainly the World's Best Alligator Act! Keep up the good work! Where in the world did you come up with the name Kachunga? Best wishes for continued success in the New Year, and I'm praying for safety for all involved, you, the guys and the gators!
Wendy Louise Eads
We saw the show at the Darke County Fair in August. My baoys liked seeing the alligators and relly enjoyed Gil & Tania. The best show I've seen at the fair in a long time. Hope they come back again.
Arcanum, Ohio
To whom it may concern, I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed the Kachunga show that was recently at our county fair. It was an all around amazing show. The most amazing thing to me was how the two men acted. Even after the show and after nine days of being here they were still in high spirits. Mike Krause and Bert Lucas were amazing performers they answered questions and posed for pictures. It isn't often that you find such amazing individuals. I have been to many fairs and never met a performer as nice as these two.
Thanks, Carrie

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